Episode #15: Two Guys and a Garage - Climactic Pivots or Pivotal Climaxes

Dr. Tobias Wilson-Bates raises the question about how tech businesses manage big change, particularly when they've gone from a Silicon Valley favorite to public enemy number one (ahem, Facebook). Darien discusses the concept of business pivots and why they have such value for later stage startups and even mature companies that are striving to continue to maintain their market shine.


The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka

Full running updates from Facebook CEO's Mark Zuckerberg's testimony to congress.

Article in the Wall Street Journal about the drastic change in Kodak's corporate valuation from $30 billion in 1997 to less than $200 million.

A contrast to Xerox which, despite the move away from paper printing, has retained it's market value by pivoting effectively. 

The story that Potbelly tells about itself and how it pivoted from an antique store (not a hardware as Darien says in the podcast) to a sandwich shop.