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Darien Bates and Dr. Tobias Wilson-Bates grew up together in a household surprisingly devoid of robots. They had a microwave. They had an older brother. They had a computer (a big one, with a monochrome screen). But no robots. 

Yet robots have been an increasingly large part of their lives ever since.

Darien graduated as a theater major, became a newspaper reporter, and then went into digital marketing. Now, as co-founder of the startup firm Datileo, he helps small businesses and organizations do things with big data.

Dr.  Tobias Wilson-Bates (born without the Dr. or the Wilson) earned his PhD in Victorian literature at the University of California Davis, where he studied how industrialization shaped the stories of the time. Now he's a Lecturer at Georgia Tech, teaching the next generation of robotocists how to read and write.


Darien Bates

Business Person

Darien Bates is a two-time entrepreneur and a long-time professional in marketing and communications. A graduate of theater from St. Mary's College of Maryland, Darien wrote documentary plays based on interviews with people who had led extraordinary lives. Upon graduation, Darien worked briefly as a newspaper reporter before going into public relations and eventually into digital marketing. Darien is the co-founder of Datileo, a big-data virtual marketing assistant that helps small businesses and organizations do things with their data.


Dr. Tobias Wilson-Bates

Academic Person

Tobias Wilson-Bates received his Master's Degree in Literature at the University of Pittsburgh and his Ph.D. in Literature from the University of California, Davis. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology as part of their digital humanities program. He is now a full-time Lecturer at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His scholarship explores the stories and cultural practices born out of the industrial revolution.